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Personal Growth Coaching For Creatives


Here's What's Up:

There's a dark side to success.

Especially if you work as a creative professional.

It can be lonely.  It can be unfulfilling.

You feel that you were once a beautiful creature, but now you're lost in the weeds.

A creative mind in today's work environment can be boxed up- constrained.

Of course, this sets you up for the anxiety of "What's Next?"



Does it feel like no matter how much you work on yourself that you're still looking for clarity on the best next steps? 

Maybe, you have absolutely no idea what choices you even have for next steps.  You don't even know where to begin looking.

Are you confused or overwhelmed with goal setting, strategy development, or just getting out of your own way?

Have you tried to use systems and formulas that are supposed to bring you clarity on these topics, but you've been left just more scattered than before?

If you'd like to get this "what's next" thing under control, then let's talk so we can create specific action steps just for your creative mind that'll help you get what you've been seeking.

"Scott has been superior in helping me remove my own barriers and arrange my thoughts so what I truly want can be manifested quickly."

BJ Davis
Author. Speaker. Trainer.

I help accomplished creatives, like you.

First, we figure out your next big move. Then, we get to doing the important work that will make the largest possible impact.

I recognize that you've built up a very impressive portfolio of work, and you strongly identify with what you have already done.  I get it.  

Ron Burgundy would say, "You're kind of a big deal." 😊

Only now, it's not just about making more.  More photos.  More videos.  More art.  More money.  No.  

Now, you want to make some kind of impact in the world.  Plus, you want a favorable life balance of happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity.

Now, you're finding yourself in a world where you know you can do better for yourself.  You may also sense that there are others in the world who can benefit from what you've been through, and that you can help them. 

Perhaps you want to help others like you, but you're not sure how to start.

Either way, you feel an aching need to make an impact, and to know that your work matters.  

What Got You Here, Won't Get You There.

The frustrating thing is that you feel so stuck!  Here's why:

The skills that got you to this point will not be the skills to propel you into your next big thing.  They're just not.

You can feel that frustration, overwhelm, and the spinning of wheels that confirm you're "Stuck."

You also have the added bonus - being in possession of a typical creative mind- of feeling guilt, shame, lack-of-focus, and deep self-loathing because you're not accomplishing your goals.

Would you like to talk to someone who has been in that pit of despair, and has figured out how to climb out?


Who I Work With

Podcasters & YouTubers



Agency Creatives

Film Makers


Hey, I'm Scott Markowitz

I used to be trapped in the proverbial "golden handcuffs." You may be familiar- outside success but inside disaster.

Yes, there was a big sense of "I have arrived" because I worked at a fancy agency, and I did the high-end "creative" work that meant I was a big deal.


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Problem was, I was wasting 50+ hours a week in a job I knew was killing me.  My wife and children hardly saw me.  I was easily 50 pounds overweight, and I was absolutely miserable.

The path that I have created for my own personal freedom took an unconventional turn after my parents died about 10 years ago. It was a wake up call that my life was not really my own. Big choices that effected how I could show up for my wife and children were being made by other people.  

I wanted to change my relationship with my family, with my work, and especially with myself.  So I dove into personal development, mindfulness, and transformational coaching.

Today, I'm helping other creatives overcome the things that have been holding them back from an "unconstrained" life.

For over 20 years, I've been an award-winning TV/Film editor and VFX artist.  I've been entrusted by giant companies to take their vision and turn it into a real thing- to be shared, enjoyed, and to bring value into the world.

I've been a senior editor for advertising agencies, lead editor for Discovery Channel Series, and was co-creator for Dinner:Impossible on Food Network.

And it's clear that the skills of an elite TV/Film editor is the same as a powerful coach... to observe with deep understanding and compassion. To reserve judgement. To creatively play with thoughts.  To experiment with a new story, and to maximize what you have to work with.

Great editors do all that to bring a desired vision onto the screen from what once seemed a jumbled mess of possibilities.

And that's how I coach other creatives, as well.  My entire philosophy is- If you can edit a story, then you can edit yourself.



Some of those giant companies I've worked for.


Creatives all want the same thing... to get out of bed and be excited about the contribution you will be making.

To end the day with the peace of mind that springs out of knowing your work matters and that you're living a fulfilling life- no matter what obstacles get thrown at you.

If you're highly motivated with a proven ability to take action and you'd like to explore what it's like to have powerful coaching from me...

Let's talk.



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