So... What Is Unconstrained?

In short, it's a safe place for creatives, like you, to explore and play with your potential.

It's a place to begin when you're ready to make your next big move, but you're feeling stuck.

Unconstrained is where you can play with new tools that enable and empower you to move forward.

It's a no-judgement zone where it's ok to challenge... Anything you want!

What you really want is a personal metamorphosis.

And more information isn't going to move your needle.  If it was, you wouldn't be here, right now.  

The only information you're sure of, is that you need experience and wisdom to get past your current hurdles.

With an avalanche of information raining down on you every day, you're just becoming overloaded with advice, gurus trying to shame you, and overall self-help nonsense! is bringing you wisdom from modern psychologists, coaching leaders, and world-class thought leaders to help you with the unique challenges creatives face today.

I offer one-on-one life coaching, online courses, group training, blogs and more.  With these offerings, we help creatives from corporate, agencies, and private businesses answer the question of

"What's next in my life, and how can I achieve more?"

Hey!  I'm Scott Markowitz:

transformational coach for creatives who have important work to be done, and want to make a significant impact on the world.

I help creatives focus on what to do next to make the greatest impact.

What We Have In Common

I believe we can both agree on this:

  • A stalled-out career holds you back from being fully alive
  • Working 40+ hours/week in a job that offers no personal fulfillment is emotionally, spiritually, and physically draining
  • Money can't generate happiness.
  • Meaningful work is key to a balanced life
  • Creativity should feel like a blessing and not a curse

"Scott is a powerful, empathetic coach that brings deep experience and knowledge to a fun and light experience. He makes things easy and clear, and helps move information into action."

BJ Davis
Director of Program Development, Emerging Women NC

I Am A Creative Professional

working at a high-level of performance. The high's have been very high. The low's have been, at times, unbearably low.

But I've Climbed Out, and I'm Ready To Share How.

Where I'm Coming From

In my creative career as a TV/Film editor for advertising agencies, TV networks, and post-production service bureaus, I've fallen into just about every "pitfall" there is.
That's why I can understand where you're coming from, and how I can help you climb out of your personal "pit of despair" because I've been there myself.

I started my career in Atlanta.

as video editor for CNN.

For much of my time there, I was a weekend supervisor in charge of the editorial department at Headline News.

From There, I Went To The West Coast.

I learned Avid, PhotoShop, After Effects, and Discreet Logic Edit! and Effect! while working in a boutique post-production house in Anaheim.

That's where I became skilled at working as a creative directly with clients.  Doing corporate video and broadcast commercial editing, I became an accomplished compositing and vfx artist.

The favorite part, for me, was always the creative alliance that I formed with my clients, and helping them to see their vision come to life on the screen. 🤗

Then I Hit the Big Leagues In Philadelphia.

I was hired as a session editor by Alkemy-X- one of the largest integrated media companies on the East Coast.

As Senior Editor there, I co-created Dinner:Impossible for the Food Network, and served as the lead editor for the series.

I edited tv pilots and shows for Food Network, HGTV, Discovery, and Destination America.

I've Climbed Out Of The Pit.

As Director of Post Production for Contrast Creative- an agency outside of Raleigh, I help tell the important stories going on inside some of the most noteable healthcare institutions in the country. 

Most importantly, for you, is that I learned how to turn a career that felt stifling and unbearable into a joyful and fulfilling part of my life.

If you feel there’s more out there, or even if your job is sucking your soul...

I can help you create work that's exhilarating and fulfilling, again.

What I believe

  1. You can achieve things that now seem impossible.
  2. You're already equipped for greatness.
  3. You were created to make a positive impact on the world.

In addition to my coaching practice, I also work with powerful leaders who are doing incredible things to make our world better.

I serve as co-facilitator of Why Do Men? Why Do Women.

I participate in EmergingWomenNC's ongoing commitment to ease tension between gender differences and assist organizations in unifying their work cultures and cultivating  safe and inclusive environments for everyone.

I'm For You

I become your ally. Together, we'll find the power that's already within you, and will discover how to:

  • Decide your next best move...
  • Achieve your most elusive goals...
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed...
  • Step into the best version of you...
  • Feel happier every day - even if you hate your job...
  • Gain confidence...
  • Improve working and personal relationships...
  • Defeat self-destructive behavior...
  • Squash procrastination...
  • Stop playing small...
  • Become unconstrained...

Maybe I'm Not For You

Getting the things that you want in life should energize and excite you.  But, working with me is not for you if:

  • You're looking only for technical advice and tutorials...
  • You're content with your life...
  • You don't think of yourself as a creative person...
  • You’re not ready to change...
  • You’re not ready to do significant, impactful work.

Yes! I'm In. How Do We Start?

If you’re ready to go beyond where you are right now...

If you want to stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed, stressed and limited...

If you're ready to step into the best version of you...

If you want to impact the world with significant work...

If you’d like to stand out from the crowd...

If you're ready to go beyond your comfort zone...

Let’s begin your journey to the new you...


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