FREE VIDEO: Understanding Why You Feel Nervous & Afraid In Front of a Camera.

Do You Want TO Use Video To Maximize Your Marketing, Influence, or Popularity?

It's clear that leveraging video content will help with achieving your big goals.

But, the very idea of talking to a camera makes you Freeze Up like a  popsicle.  Right?

In this free video, I'll prove that It's not your fault, and I'll teach you HOW to start fixing it today.

(Hint: It's not hard to learn, and you can start today!)

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Wouldn't You Like To Know How Professional Actors Do It?

I've been in the TV/Film industry for over 20 years. Having worked alongside pro actors and pitch artists, I've learned how they master their nerves, anxiety, and fear. I'm ready to share their tricks with you, but first: you must make a choice.

The World Needs Your Help

Here's your options, as I see it:

A) Allow your fear to win, and remain silent.  You contribute nothing to the condition of our world.

B) Conquer your fear, and begin living in a world where you can share your knowledge and expertise.  You begin to attract the exact people that need you most, and you make a meaningful impact in their life by selling more courses, books, and events!

Now, Share What You Got!

If you chose option B, then I'm here to help you get over the "icky" feelings you get in the pit of your gut when the camera flips on.

Conquer The Fear And Confusion

At the end of this free video, you'll know exactly why you freeze up in front of a camera, and how to fix it!  You will have a plan to begin getting comfortable on camera- starting today!

"Scott has boiled down his experience with TV actors and pitch artists into a fun, and powerful way for anyone to get in front of a video camera with confidence. I especially appreciate the way Scott explains the technical stuff in a way that makes sense."

BJ Davis
BJD Leadership Training and Team Development

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