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Scott Markowitz

Communicating Your Value With Caring, Creativity, Expertise, and Integrity

Before I became a life coach, I spent 25+ years as a TV/Film editor and Visual Effects artist.  So in addition to coaching and being the Director Of Post Production for Contrast Creative, I offer my services to help translate your creative vision, values and mission into videos that create a lasting, emotionally charged impression.

My business model is simple:

Work with people who I find inspiring, and who want to make the greatest impact in the world.

My focus is on helping creatives.  Through insight coaching, I work to free their dreams and help them achieve the life they feel called to live.  Part of that process, where there's a call for it, is to bring my film and editing skills to the table.

 Working with video is part of who I am, and I'm thrilled to continue using the skills learned over 25+ years in the industry to help creatives like you to not only succeed, but thrive.

I Owe Everything To TV and Film

From being an editor at CNN Headline News, to developing shows for Discovery and Food Network, to Editing For the Biggest Agencies and PR Firms.

1. That's where I come from.  If I hadn't lived through the brutal rigor of broadcast TV and worked with the most demanding agencies, I wouldn't have been in the position I'm now in– to help other, powerful creatives.

2.  When a client has a project that I believe in, I'm happy to get involved using my film production, editing, motion design, and visual effects skills.  

Film is still something I love dearly.

To be able to use my creativity and skills to help tell someone else's story is something I take very seriously.

After all, I've paid in blood sweat and tears to be great at it..

But that’s not the only area in which I excel.  You’ll find that I bring joy, encouragement, and laughter to my clients, colleagues, and support staff with every project.  That's on top of delivering powerful, story-based, visual communications when it's too important to miss the mark.

To help you see how I can help tell your story, I've selected a few of the projects from my film reel

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Film Production On Purpose

When losing a loved one, taking positive action, can be the most healing thing to do. This short film was crafted to help Purple Stride of Charlotte connect with the community, andto bring the reason they push so hard for a cure into sharp focus.

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Scott Markowitz

Value Of Caring

Because he knows who he is, Stefan's able to bring music to hundreds of people every week who need a lift.

Produced for Duke University Hospital by Contrast Creative | Director and Cinematographer: Tim Travitz | Story Producer: Kathleen McDonald | Editor & VFX: Scott Markowitz

More Impact Through Music

Words have the power to demoralize or energize, humiliate or elevate, weaken or strengthen. Every day, each one of us, all beautifully made and wholly diverse awaken and make a choice for ourselves about how we'll withstand inevitable suffering and rise to attain inner peace and healing.

Songwriter and musician Myles Travitz, who has released music through labels such as Atlantic Records and Ultra Music, wrote the lyrics and music to My Round. He then shared his words with members of the Raleigh Triangle community.

With the production support of Contrast Creative, where Travitz is employed as an editor and audio technician, 19 humans inspired by the song came forward and shared their deeply personal stories of hardship along with their fervent desire to triumph over prejudice, illness, racism, sexism, abandonment and so much more.

Produced for Myles Travitz by Contrast Creative | Story Producer: Kathleen McDonald | Editor: Myles Travitz | VFX: Scott Markowitz

Gratitude Equals Love

What if you took the initiative to thank everyone that made the largest impact to your life?  Would it take almost losing your life to take that action?

Produced for Duke University Hospital by Contrast Creative | Director and Cinematographer: Tim Travitz | Story Producer: Katie Martin | Editor & VFX: Scott Markowitz

Promos That Persuade

As the current Director of Post Production for Contrast Creative Agency in Raleigh, I sometimes must help sell things that organizations don't even know they need yet. Here, we explain how Contrast Creative produces interactive monuments and displays for healthcare systems and other institutions that attract and engage visitors– strengthening their experience and fostering powerful relationships through storytelling.
Be careful, if you watch this promo, your going to want your visitors to have an interactive experience of their own.

Director: Tim Travitz | Cinematographer: Tim Travitz and Scott Markowitz | Story Producer: Kathleen McDonald | Editor and Motion Designer: Scott Markowitz

Creating Metaphors and Distinctions

How do you explain a completely new idea to someone? Is it possible to change someone’s mind about their preconceived notions?

Answering the questions or addressing the concerns that your audience has is the best way to strike up a dialogue.  Then, you have a good chance of overcoming biases, persuading, or having a new idea or product introduced.

If you do it right, then they will begin looking back to you for more and more help.  They will begin to desire to give you back something else in return.

In this video, I answer a common question for my audience.

Produced, Shot, and Edited by Scott Markowitz

Content Creation from Soup-to-Nuts

This is a sample taken from my personal YouTube Channel.  Used as a test bed for SEO and video marketing techniques- I have put in the work to see what can move the needle for you and your clients.

Produced, Shot, and Edited by Scott Markowitz

Organizations I've Done Films With:

What Got Me Here

is not what's going to get me there.

It's the skills and insights that I amassed working with the largest agencies and PR firms- not to mention TV networks and corporate brands, that have allowed me to become one of the most unique creative coaches in the world.

Now, my focus is on helping creatives to figure out their biggest dreams, work through their greatest obstacles, and do the work that's most important to them.

The reward for me has been seeing my coaching clients grow into powerful, effective, and impactful voices for the creative community.

Always Serve Sizzle With The Steak

This sizzle reel spans my entire pro career as an editor

Design Something Beautiful

This design reel highlights some of the art I have created to tell my clients' stories.

Spotlight on Commercials

I've edited 1000's of broadcast TV ads. Here are some of my award-winning favorites.

Lunchtime Creations | Starkist Tuna

Of all the Agency Ads I've Edited and Finished, This is My Favorite. It's Also The Best Customer Service Story I Have To Date!

Seen enough?  Please give me an opportunity to talk to you so we can uncover more about what a custom Heart-To-Head Film can mean for your organization's outreach.

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Higher Purpose

It's clear that there's a higher purpose behind everything Grifols does all around the world.

Produced for Grifols by Contrast Creative | Director and Cinematographer: Tim Travitz | Story Producer: Katie Martin | Editor & VFX: Scott Markowitz

Vision For The Future

Passion is at the heart of everything Duke university does.  In this short film, President Price shares the vision they see as what the future of higher education can be.

Produced for Duke University by Contrast Creative | Director: Tim Travitz | Story Producer: Kathleen McDonald | Editor and Visual Effects: Scott Markowitz

The Real Devil Is In The Details

Is it possible to connect with people even when delivering highly technical details?

This film explains the complicated process of creating plasma-based medications and the care needed to do the job effectively and safely. 

Produced for Grifols by Contrast Creative | Director and Cinematographer: Tim Travitz | Story Producer: Katie Martin | Editor & VFX: Scott Markowitz

The Power of Hope

I believe that many people look at their circumstances and ask the wrong question.

It's not, "what is the meaning of life?"

Rather, the question is, "what can I be contributing to life."

This story is great reminder that even the worst circumstances can create expanded possibilities, and hope is key to realizing what's possible.

Produced for Duke Raleigh Hospital by Contrast Creative | Director: Tim Travitz | Story Producer: Kathleen McDonald | Editor and Visual Effects: Scott Markowitz

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