Scott Markowitz

Communicating Value With Caring, Creativity, Expertise, and Integrity

Before I started Ryan & Scott Media, I spent over a decade as a TV/Film editor and Visual Effects artist.  

I also helped to create flagship programming for Food Network, Discovery, and others.  My favorite part of my job was always helping people to become better on-camera, and to help them be the best they could be.

So in addition to media coaching and running Ryan & Scott Media, I offer my services to help translate your creative vision, values and mission into videos that create a lasting, emotionally charged impression.

My business model is simple:

Work with people who I find inspiring, and who want to make the greatest impact in the world.

Organizations I've Done Films With:

Always Serve Sizzle With The Steak

This sizzle reel spans my entire pro career as an editor

Lunchtime Creations | Starkist Tuna

Of all the Agency Ads I've Edited and Finished, This is My Favorite. It's Also The Best Customer Service Story I Have To Date!

Design Something Beautiful

This design reel highlights some of the art I have created to tell my clients' stories.

Spotlight on Commercials

I've edited 1000's of broadcast TV ads. Here are some of my award-winning favorites.

Work Examples

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Scott Markowitz

Stefan's Story

Produced for Duke University Hospital by Contrast Creative | Director and Cinematographer: Tim Travitz | Story Producer: Kathleen McDonald | Editor & VFX: Scott Markowitz

More Impact Through Music

Produced for Myles Travitz by Contrast Creative | Story Producer: Kathleen McDonald | Editor: Myles Travitz | VFX: Scott Markowitz

Vision For The Future

Passion is at the heart of everything Duke university does.  In this short film, President Price shares the vision they see as what the future of higher education can be.

Produced for Duke University by Contrast Creative | Director: Tim Travitz | Story Producer: Kathleen McDonald | Editor and Visual Effects: Scott Markowitz

The Real Devil Is In The Details

Is it possible to connect with people even when delivering highly technical details?

This film explains the complicated process of creating plasma-based medications and the care needed to do the job effectively and safely. 

Produced for Grifols by Contrast Creative | Director and Cinematographer: Tim Travitz | Story Producer: Katie Martin | Editor & VFX: Scott Markowitz

What's Your Next Big Project?

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